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Upcoming Rakshabandhan Exhibitions in Mumbai on June & July 2024

We EventsGram introduced a trusted brand for Indian market today. The Exhibitions in Mumbai are basically organized throughout the year; some of are organized publically or even in private institutions also. Many of them can be free or even paid. On this platform you will have a wide selection within 100+ exhibitions to see at Mumbai . Just be in touch we shall be providing the data of exhibitions those are held today and doesn’t matter happening tomorrow, this weekend, this month or next month.

Just forget the botheration about ongoing or upcoming Exhibition Stall Booking In Mumbai . EventsGram is providing you largest integrated Lifestyle exhibition in Mumbai . Today it has become the largest hubs in flea market over internet cluster which collect the data for various exhibitions to give the benefit to the vendors who are waiting for doing business through the Expos all over India. Expo or Exhibition is that place where this expo is organized in various locations like Blue Sea Worli, KharGym Khana and Valecha Hall to do branding your product easily. Anyone can reach up to buyers, business interactions, branding opportunities and for retail market access also.

List Of Lifestyle Exhibitions In Mumbai

Date Event Venue
21 June 2024 The Monsoon Edit Hotel Blue Sea, Worli Sea Face, Mumbai
28,29 June 2024 Sustainalable Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition Valecha Hall, Juhu, Mumbai
7,8,9 June 2024 Summer Lifestyle Exhibition Scout Hall, Mumbai
8,9 June 2024 Organic Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition Nahar Nectarfield Club, Powai, Mumbai
28,29 June 2024 Sustainalable Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition Valecha Hall, Juhu, Mumbai
6 July 2024 Festive & Bridal Shopping Edition Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu, Mumbai
11 July 2024 Rakhi & Trousseau Shopping Hotel Blue Sea, Worli Sea Face, Mumbai
13,14 July 2024 Wedding & Lifestyle Show World Trade Center, South Lounge, Center 1 building, Cuffe Parade, South Mumbai
20 July 2024 A Sweet Shopping Saturday Valecha Hall, Juhu, Mumbai
20 July 2024 Festive Shopping Edition KharGym Club Banquets, 15th Road, Khar West, Mumbai
23 July 2024 Wedding & Festive Shopping Hotel Blue Sea, Worli Sea Face, Mumbai
22,23 June 2024 Shop A Thon Sachin Tendulkar Gymkhana Club, Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali West, Mumbai
26 July 2024 Rakhi & Wedding Edit Hotel Novotel, Mumbai
27,28 July 2024 The Sweet Rakhi Edit World Trade Center, Cuffe Parade, South Mumbai
9,10 & 11 August 2024 Raksha Bandhan Special Scout Hall, Mumbai
31 August, 1 September 2024 Food and Beverage Expo World Trade Center, South Mumbai
31 August, 1 September 2024 Contemporary Bridal & Lifestyle Show World Trade Center, South Mumbai


What is the purpose of these exhibitions in Mumbai

These events are held to provide a springboard to the brands to promote and sale their products at these events. Oftenly people just don’t even commute to the store to buy products after the revolutionization of E-commerce platform in india which provides attractive offers to customers in order to increase their sale. Moreover if someone want to buy multiple products than he/she will find it very difficult to juggle over here and there in search of the items, hence again E-commerce provides a leverage In this case too. Due to high competition on internet these brands are not ranked on the top and are left unacknowledged. Even though the quality and look of these products are extra ordinary no one knows about them. So exhibition in Mumbai collectively from all across the india give opportunity to the brands to reach out to the customers and show their artistry. These exhibitions contain apparels , festive clothing, shoes, etc.. also there is a space for intricate jewellary brands. So you got a variety of products under one roof and people will find it easy to walk in and get their hands on variety of items.

These brands can make permanent clients for future and build a healthy relation with them with the help of the ambience provided at exhibitions in Mumbai.

Moreover promoting their brand on the internet is not a budget friendly way. Here at these kind of exhibitions you can book your stall and save money. You will get a chance to have help from the patrons who will financial assistance for you company’s growth. By taking your brand to exhibitions in Mumbai you will definitely get the attraction of the crowd. By this you can check on the competition of the rivals. This will get you in a zone where you will get new ideas in your head and it will lead you to revamp your products. Also the review of the consumer will help you get you better with your brand value by increasing the product quality. You will be able to build a lavish network.

Exhibition Stall Booking In Mumbai

As everyone knows that India is an over 1 billion people’s market and it is ideal Bazaar for producer and sellers. Brands from all across India will flock together there to exhibit display a wide range of products and services such as Apparels, Jewellery, Ethnic designer wear, Terracotta, Gift boxes, skin Care, Leather ,Linen, Crystal, Wooden carving, Stationery, Carpets, Men’s wear, Artifacts Pottery , Candles, crockery, Handicrafts, Woolen getup , strolls, statuette, Wall dangling, painting, organic food, handicrafts, daily use products etc. It is a purely business oriented place which is opened specially for entrepreneurs. The show will attract variant guests also as exhibitors to participate and direct sale with one another on the leading recent merchandise innovations and financially rewarding business opportunities within the individual field. EventsGram will provide you number of list related to Lifestyle Exhibition, flea market and other types of promotional events which is going to be occurred in Mumbai region. Vendors can easily contact to the organizer whose all information is available at EventsGram website. Our website will provide you the information about fashion Expo or Lifestyle events only.

Hopefully, you have rented a stall for your flea market in Mumbai that is in a visitable and easily-traveled place. This not only will benefit your business by attracting more patrons, but also will allow you to advertise for vendors on site. Erect a sign, large enough to be visible from adjacent roads, advertising for vendors. List competitive rates so that potential vendors are attracted to your flea market. This is the most cost-effective form of advertising, because you only have to pay for the sign once.

How to book stall in Mumbai exhibition

Visit our website and contact us through whatsapp or enquire about a specific exhibition. We will help you in taking your brand to the exhibition. Just tell us your query we will solve it. Grab our hand and we will take your brand to new heights. So go and check now EventsGram.

We are happy to assist you.

How to choose an Exhibition

The main concern behind this question is whether the exhibition will endow you something or not. You just don’t want to waste your money and time. From now on lets narrow it down to single term which is ROI. ROI full meaning is return on investment. If you are in any finance department you must have heard it but its meaning is not just limited to there. It is used to describe what your investment will yield to you in return.

You must make a list of your goals and objectives. Explicitly go through this and write these down. Now you have an understanding of why you are exhibiting. Cross check your goals and activities with the exhibition event and figure out if it contents you.

Now make for other things that are extremely important when choosing an exhibition. Check out the following points to have a resort in choosing the exhibition. If you want to choose what is best for you then take enlist of listicle below:

Amenities and facilities at venue of exhibition

The amenities and facilities at the venue of exhibition vary according to the venue.  Here are the types of amenities provided by organizers to the exhibitors which include air conditioning, food, parking, toilet, dustbin, power, water, facia, spotlight, etc.

Surrounding of the area of the venue

It’s another crucial factor which plays big role in choosing the exhibition. If the venue is in the metropolis of a city then you can expect a good crowd in the exhibition. Area of the venue must be engulfed with Porsche environment. Venue should be easily accessible. Its proximity to arcade centre will be make it envy. Also the venue must proximate to the railway station and airport so that exhibitors can commute to it conveniently.

Crowd at the venue of exhibition

Every exhibitor want an exhibition where the footfall is high and the quality of audience must be good. To whom you will show your artistry when there is no one to see it.

Make it certain whom you are targeting. Appearing at the most renowned and well known exhibitions sounds amazing and stimulating but you should conduct a research where your super-specific customers will be present. What happens if your customers don’t turn up at the venue of exhibition.

Research your target market to find out which shows they’re attending. Don’t assume that they’re only attending big industry events. Some of your key buyers may regularly attend smaller shows that are not industry specific. Local events are a great opportunity to gain exposure and they will give you a bigger ROI. As part of your research, you can ask ten of your existing customers which shows they regularly attend. It’s crucial to identify shows with a high percentage of attendees that fit your customer profile. You also have to consider timing and your distribution area.

Premium clients that can buy your products

You can find these premium clients at famous exhibition venues. So go for exhibitions which have a unique grandeur all around the country. You will find potential consumers here and can have a chance to build your network with them. You can also reduce them to your regular customers which is a great deal and boasting accomplishment. Don’t hold back to venture.

Chew over your budget

It’s really important to consider your budget as you don’t want to get carried away. You have to contemplate about the harbinger to come after booking your stand in a particular exhibition. Budget in another part of your business and it’s a big part that you can’t overlook.  Purchasing an expensive stand at a big exhibition and leaving yourself in trouble with too small of a budget to create the best space. There’s much to do after purchasing the stand which requires expenses. These things include making your stand coveting, furniture and flooring, travelling with your commercial luggage, staff, marketing etc.

Research about the exhibition and your options for similar exhibition

Research about the exhibition can give you leverage in choosing an exhibition suitable for you. Research includes qualitative and quantitative methods. Previous year statistics, feedback surveys, observations, participant feedback, customer reviews, etc. are parts of this research.

By these researches you can have implications about the exhibition. Mostly the statistics from the previous year would yield you a lot.

You don’t have to bother about the establishment and reputation of the exhibition because we will make you acquainted with every detail.

Another turn up before making a move in choosing the exhibition is to search the options for similar exhibition. Check the date and venue of these events and also what kind of audience it will target because it can have engulf the attended in the event. It would be good if you choose a premium exhibition at grandeur location which doesn’t coincide with the similar exhibition.

Evaluate press opportunity

Attending an exhibition is also a good PR opportunity.

In some cases, the event itself will offer free PR and promotion through their website and social media channels.

Any media exposure can boost your ROI but to gain the most pertinent and effective press coverage you should contact registered media attendees with information about your business.

You can also ask the exhibition organizers for the press list from previous years, and get your foot in the door before your competitors.

An industry event with few registered media attendees isn’t necessarily pointless as your target audience could be in attendance.

Good PR will boost your potential to succeed and should be considered if you are yet to make your mind about exhibiting at an event. You should chew over this point before you choose an exhibition.


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